Bell's on Delta Flights

Bell's on Delta Flights

Delta Air Lines announces an expanded partnership with Seattle-based Bell’s Cookie Co., part of its initiative with small, diverse brands for its food and beverage service. The airline creates a people-first, values-led onboard experience that includes satisfying customers’ sweet tooths.


Previously available in first-class meal boxes on flights leaving Seattle, air travelers will now receive a Bell’s Cookie Co. on most Delta domestic flights. The airline will continue to offer the widely popular Chocolate Chunk through their first-class core lunch and dinner menus on flights nationwide, including Atlanta, San Francisco, Las Vegas, San Diego, Boston, and their homebase in Seattle.

The small business will be increasing production of the cookie from 30,000 per month to over 500,000 per month to meet this increase in demand.

Bell’s Cookie Co. founders Tomas and Brooke Perez are excited about the partnership with Delta Air Lines and what it will entail for their company.

"As we keep growing the business, we always think of ways to spread joy through cookies and think that the airline industry is such a great showcase. So thanks to this partnership with Delta, it is the perfect definition to us that the sky is the limit.”

Bell’s Cookie Co. was founded in 2020 after the husband and wife’s catering business halted because of the pandemic. While adapting to the times, they remembered their catering customers loved the cookies they provided, so they decided to expand on that, knowing it would bring a smile to people’s faces during those hard times.

It hasn’t been easy adjusting all the plans we had set, but we’ve been excited to see how we can adapt and continue offering a taste of home to our community near and far.”

Bell’s Cookie Co. is recognized as Washington’s #1 cookie. Brooke, who has a bachelor’s degree in culinary arts management and farm-to-table studies, elevates nostalgic recipes to bring new and unique flavors that customers come back for time and again. 

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